Love Layne Boutique was previously known as Pretty Classy Boutique which started 2016 during a ruff time in my life. I had recently became a single mother of 3 after tragically loosing my other half. When trying to maintain a balance life for my family I experienced 3 rear end car accidents which the other drives left me with permanent injuries. With all the required recovery and therapy I was consequently left unemployed and decided to start this business with my savings. The business would be a opportunity for my children to not feel the harsh financial affect I had incurred. I went into the retail business with no experience and with trial and error I began to learn how to run my business. Conducting many searches for vendors came with late nights and early mornings after 2 years I was now moving into a store front providing a list of items swimwear, clothes and selective accessories with the intentions to expand into a shoe boutique.